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What Our Users Are Saying

I can FEEL the greater balance, flexibility and power growing inside me already. Crazy. The unexpected thing about working with the Swing Trainer is the cardio. I had no idea. I’m getting into my mid to max heart rate zones like I do on my Peloton Bike. Unreal. This is addictive and I’m a fan.


This awesome product allows me to get in a solid workout with having to go to the gym.  Now I have access to train anywhere from inside my home, backyard, or even the driving range!

Marisa M

I love the resistance training for the core in particular. I think it's an excellent tool especially for golfers that stand up out of their posture through impact. You can help the golfer to stay over the ball and activate their core with the trainer.

Cheryl A

The swing Trainer is incredible. I’ve never had this much fun working out!

Joe F

It truly emphasizes BOTH fitness and the golf swing. Most other devices only focus on golf or focus on fitness.

Drew. M

The level of information behind the product via the website / app is all-star.

Chris T

The length, stability & weight give you endless options for increasing flexibility, speed, hand, wrist & forearm workouts!

Eric C

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