Meet the First Smart At-Home Golf Training System.

Maximize your flexibility and clubhead speed while strengthening your body - the right way - to prevent and relieve stiffness, injuries and pain.


The GOLFFOREVER Training System pairs the first real golf training aid with the No.1 golf fitness & pain relief app.

Follow video instruction that adapts to you from PGA Tour trainers, doctors and coaches for your complete at-home golf health and fitness system.

From PGA Tour veteran, Ryan Palmer:

"It’s definitely a tool I’ve used that has helped me produce more ball speed, more stamina, and more strength through my golf swing."

Three Simple Steps to Start Today:

1. Buy the GOLFFOREVER Swing Trainer.

2. Activate your GOLFFOREVER account immediately with the link provided to you upon purchase.

3. Use your Swing Trainer with the GOLFFOREVER app at home, in the gym or at the course — on any device or Smart TV.

Watch the video to see what’s included with your purchase

At-Home Golf Fitness & Health:

  • 44.5 inch Training Bar with attachment points for Training Cord or Weighted Balls
  • Durable, 15-pound Latex Training Cord with Nylon Safety Sleeve which attaches to the bar or the included handles to create two distinct golf exercise tools
  • Two Quick-Interchange, Sweat-Resistant Rubber Handles that attach to the Latex Training Cord to create resistance bands
  • Universal Nylon Door Anchor which attaches to any door in your home or gym
  • Two easy-to-attach Polymer Carabiners which allow the Swing Trainer to be anchored to any sturdy object when a door isn’t available
  • 30 days of FREE access to GOLFFOREVER, including full access to the GOLFFOREVER library of over 500 instructional videos and a daily golf fitness program customized to your body, goals and any pre-existing pain and injuries

Warm Up Before Your Round:

  • Optimized Weighted Warmup Club with Quick-Interchange Ball (green) that has a D3 Swing Weight to mimic the dynamic feel of your driver, but 2.5x heavier to help you loosen up properly
  • Overloaded Weighted Warmup Club with Quick-Interchange Ball (gray) that has more weight for those who prefer a slightly overloaded feel
  • Premium Carry Bag

What Our Users Are Saying

I can FEEL the greater balance, flexibility and power growing inside me already. Crazy. The unexpected thing about working with the Swing Trainer is the cardio. I had no idea. I’m getting into my mid to max heart rate zones like I do on my Peloton Bike. Unreal. This is addictive and I’m a fan.


This awesome product allows me to get in a solid workout with having to go to the gym.  Now I have access to train anywhere from inside my home, backyard, or even the driving range!

Marisa M

I love the resistance training for the core in particular. I think it's an excellent tool especially for golfers that stand up out of their posture through impact. You can help the golfer to stay over the ball and activate their core with the trainer.

Cheryl A

The swing Trainer is incredible. I’ve never had this much fun working out!

Joe F

It truly emphasizes BOTH fitness and the golf swing. Most other devices only focus on golf or focus on fitness.

Drew. M

The level of information behind the product via the website / app is all-star.

Chris T

The length, stability & weight give you endless options for increasing flexibility, speed, hand, wrist & forearm workouts!

Eric C

From 12-time PGA Tour Winner, Justin Leonard

"This piece of equipment is your 15th club in the bag. It’s going to go with me everywhere."

From PGA Professional, Kedric Perkins

"What I find great about the whole product and the app is it is progressive and works in building blocks. The Swing Trainer is easy to adjust, set up and learn where to use, especially since the zones are marked on the grips. And the exercises are certainly hitting the right muscle groups. I like it and I like it a lot."

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  • Barron's
  • Golf Channel
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